The New Face of H&M: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey, a New York singer and songwriter, has been controlling the fashion world since she first stepped onto the scene with her hit song “Video Games”. Del Rey has been seen at a majority of the Fashion Weeks, was on the March cover of British Vogue (see photo 2), and even had a Mullberry bag named after her (see photo 3). Del Rey seamlessly weaves urban and Mod style into her own unique look– she will wear a classic athletic jacket with a lacy dress and pastel heels. She has a Romanticism to her, but a definitive edge. Recently, H&M announced that Del Rey would be the spokesperson for the Fall collection, being that her edgy look would fit well with the classic and more noir style the company is going with. Now, the company also released one of the advertisements, but I do not see this “noir style” in a pink fuzzy sweater and pink jeans (although Del Rey does add an edge to the clothes). Now, this new ad campaign (see photo 1) may not only help H&M, but it may help Del Rey as well. Despite the fact that Del Rey lives in America, she is not popular here– rather, she is popular in Europe, mostly in the United Kingdom. So, this campaign may help spread her name and popularity here in the States.

What do you think of the new ad campaign and of Lana Del Rey as a new fashion idol?



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