Ah, my guiltiest pleasure, Project Runway. I have, honestly, watched every season since it first premiered (I loved Project Runway before I loved fashion), and I am excited for the new season. Honestly, I hope to one day compete on the show. The basic premise of the show, for those of you that are new to it, is that sixteen or so designers are pitted against each other in competitions that range in basic ready-to-wear to avant-garde couture gowns. The final three designers are then given the opportunity to create a whole collection for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, and the winner receives cash and a partnership with a store to sell their collection. For this season, according to New York Magazine and the Huffington Post, three designers left the show within the first episode– but only one left because of a bad design. The other two? One had a complete mental breakdown– a psychiatrist was brought in to calm the designer down, but he was inconsolable and had to leave– and the other left because she was in the bottom three and felt intimidated by the other designers. The three judges (Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Heidi Klum) and mentor, Tim Gunn, each reacted to the departures differently. Kors went to console the remaining designers, Garcia and Gunn acknowledged the events but did not focus on it, and Klum called the female designer that left a “coward” on Jimmy Fallon. What is it about this particular challenge that is so stressful? I have no idea, after all, most of the breakdowns occur midway through the season, not the first episode. Season 10 appears to be more competitive and cut throat than most of the previous seasons, so Trend will most definitely keep you posted on each week’s episodes. So, needless to say, this season definitely seems like the one to watch!

Are you going to watch the new season of Project Runway? Do you have a favorite judge or even winner/designer from the show? And what do you think of people just leaving in the first episode?

Project Runway airs on Lifetime on Thursdays at 9 PM (east coast time), but has a “Road to the Runway” special airing at 8 PM (east coast time) for the premiere.


Project Runway Season 10 Premiere

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      Thank you again and feel free to visit whenever you want and to comment on each episode summary.

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