Is there a science to style? The answer: yes and no. Let me explain. Yes, there is a science (it is more like geometry, to be honest) to dressing your natural figure and highlighting on your best features. But, there is no exact style for every person– whether you want to wear a conservative black dress or a bold red jumpsuit is up to you. What determines your style is how you view and feel about yourself, whether you feel beautiful and confident rather than hidden and insecure. This is what Stacy London, a professional stylist and co-host of TLC’s show What Not To Wear, has been emphasising for a minimum of seven years. London suffered from a severe case of psoriasis as a child and bouts of eating disorders through college, yet she persevered and accomplished many of her aspirations. So, because of her own problems with confidence and style, London seeks not only to improve how women dress, but how women view themselves. Not only has London communicated this via her show, but she communicates it through her new book The Truth About Style (which hits bookstores on October 2nd).

I have admired London for years– I had a low self-esteem in Middle School and early High School and she inspired me to change my style to change how I viewed myself– and I want to one day have a job like hers, whether as a employee of Vogue or in Fashion Broadcasting.

What do you think of Stacy London and what she has to say in the video? Do you watch What Not To Wear? Do you you think that someone’s self-esteem helps to define their style?


Stacy London on Style & Self-Esteem

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