Revel Resorts Review: Restaurants

Not only are there the shopping, the pools and spa, the casino, and the awesome rooms, but the Revel Resorts in Atlantic City, New Jersey, has atleast ten restaurants to choose from. There is Lugo’s (Italian), Amada (Spanish), Village Whiskey (English Bar), American Cut (steak), One (steak), Mussel Bar (seafood and American), Central (French and basic American), Distrito (Mexican), Azure (steak and seafood), and the O2 Bar (bar, lunch, and breakfast). With so many options and only so many meals to eat, which are the one’s to go to? Personally, I loved Village Whiskey and Lugo’s the most. At Village Whiskey I had a traditional burger and tater tots– I rarely eat burgers because most places overcook the meat (I prefer a little blood to be in the center), but Village had the best burger I ever had in my life. It wad cooked to perfection and had the leanest meat one could hope for. I also highly recommend the tater tots (the fries are good too, but not as good)– though you may need to enter rehab after eating them (kidd you not, they are that addictive). Continuing, I absolutely adored Lugo’s– there I had a serving of spaghetti that I could not fathom. The spaghetti was cooked fantastically and had a sauce that didn’t have too much of one spice or another. These two restaurants, in my opinion, are my favorite places at the Revel for food. If you need quick food, then I recommend Distrito (it is, literally, a taco truck); if you want upscale, hip dinning then go to One (it is the closest restaurant to the Hugo Boss and Denim Habit stores); if you want classic, American dining, then go to American Cut; and if you want international cuisine, then I recommend Amada. The only complaints I had with the dining at the Revel is a lack of distinct options (1/4 of the restaurants serve mainly steak), and the lack of clear directions. A majority of the restaurants are located in the perimeter of the casino (if you are underage or with an underaged person, DO NOT STOP WALKING IN THE CASINO, because security will swoop down on you immediately for an I.D.) and there are a lack of clear signs to point out restaurants. As well, if you want breakfast Monday through Friday, you have to go to O2 Bar but you must go before 10 AM (the restaurant is full by then and will turn you away). On the weekends, One and the Mussel Bar serve brunch, but they can also become limited on space in the morning.

What do you think of the Revel so far? What do you think of the restaurants? The photos are of the various restaurants.



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