The Dress That Changed My Life

You know that moment when a revelation just smacks you in the face? I had mine at the age of fourteen because of one dress. That dress? A scarlet red dress made of medical tape and ostrich feathers by Alexander McQueen. My revelation? That I wanted to be a part of the fashion industry. I had always had an interest in the fashion industry, but had convinced myself that I wanted to be a doctor instead. Well, I went to a school that allowed me to take classes about medical sciences, and I did very well (I was in the top of my class), but I did not enjoy it. So, my mother bought me a fashion magazine to help me get out of my fashion rut. It worked. From that editorial photo and beyond, I became a fashionable young woman and finally accepted myself for who I am.

Do you remember what made you love fashion? Was it a particular outfit, person, or item that changed you and your style?



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