Fashionable Females: Emma Stone

With all of her press tour dates (and she has been touring since January) for The Amazing Spiderman, Emma Stone has had many opportunities to combine her personal style with Red Carpet glamour. Stone, who started her career as a supporting character in Superbad and now co-stars with Andrew Garfield as Gwen Stacy, has been one of my favorite young actresses for several years now (Easy A remains one of my favorite comedies) and I love her style. When she is in a casual setting, Stone typically wears skinny jeans, blouses, sweaters, and flats. She has a conservative style, but it does not age her nor give the wrong impression of her playful and sassy personality. When it comes to premieres and Red Carpet events, Stone wears either conservative dresses with a vintage flair or bold ensembles (such as jumpsuits and pant suits) in dark colors and a pop of a bright color. I prefer Stone’s vintage-inspired dresses to her more bold looks, though I don’t mind either look on her (she looks chic no matter what).

What do you think of Emma Stone’s style and her most recent role? And what is your favorite movie that she has been in?



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