I hate to talk about politics– it just brings out the ugliness in people– but I have no problem defending my opinion and beliefs. I try to always let everyone have the opportunity to completely express their viewpoint and to understand where they are coming from– essentially, I give them respect– but I become extremely irrate when people don’t provide me the same respect and/or insult others for their opinions. Anyway, recently I went onto Google and typed into the search engine “The Dark Knight Rises”– there were several videos that popped up, but the one I posted had a title that caught my attention. Instead of a video exploring the significance and/or footage of the film, it was a video of some man (named Alex Jones, apparently) saying Batman is financed by the government to convince us we are weak and that we only feel secure when our rights are taken away. And, as if this weren’t enough, Rush Limbaugh (the only person who gives me the urge to rip my stereo out of dashboard of my car) is now claiming that the villian, Bane, is a liberal tactic to take down Mitt Romney (GOP nominee), via his recently controversial company, Bain.

Okay, to me, that is ludicrous. Batman has nothing to do with superiority complex of the United States government (though one could argue that for Superman or Captain America). Batman, and most superheroes in general, make the argument that PEOPLE can change the world and society– after all, it is always people who somehow get these powers and must decide whether they will use them for good or bad. As to the “terrorist” villians, they are the same as the heroes– the villians, whether Bane or any other villian, were all put in the same place of the heroes in that they were somehow given powers and suffered some tragedy, and these people decide to harm other people with those powers and to seek vengeance for whatever wrong happened to them. What makes these characters “evil” has more to do with what they do with these powers than who they are as an individual. As to whether the villian Bane has anything to do with Romney’s Bain? While John Stewart brilliantly compared the two, the argument is just plain idiotic. Bane, the villian, premiered in a Batman comic book in January of 1993, and the script for the Dark Knight Rises was developed in 2008. So, unless the writers of the comic books and the script are incredibly psychic, there is no connection between Bane and Bain Corporation. Furthermore, if we had a company compared to a villian, wouldn’t it be better to be compared to a super genius villian like Bane?

Continuing, I do not appreciate being told that this film is brainwashing me and controlling my opinions/political viewpoints. That argument is as valid as saying that the Muppets are Communist (which was argued by Fox News). Do I think that I am safe only if all my phone coversations are hacked and my rights are violated? No, my safety is my responsibility, not the government’s. Do I think what Batman and Spiderman and all the other superheroes do is 100% ethical or legal? No, but the government is corrupt in these comic book worlds and would never allow these people to help. Continuing, has Jones ever been told the phrase, “the end justifies the means”? Batman and a majority of most superheroes are some of the best personifications of that phrase. Now, if we are going to argue that this film is brainwashing the public, then can we not argue that programs, such as this video, are doing the same thing? That by watching such programs that look too deeply into silly things and argue over trivial matters (and claim that the government is there to get you) makes the public believe that the U.S. government is determined to kill them and take their rights away? And, finally, if you want to debate over “propaganda” in films and the progressive decline of society, then lets debate over films that actually have it, like V for Vendetta and/or Pan’s Labyrinth. Rather, we are debating these issues over a film in which the general public is seeing to go see buildings blow up, fancy CGI scenes, and listen to Batman’s silly voice for the last time. To put this very simply and to summarize my argument: THIS IS JUST A MOVIE.

What do you think of the video and my opinion? All opinions are welcome, but must be respectful of other people and other people’s right to have an opinion (even if it differs from your own).


Response to Alex Jones & Rush Limbaugh: Is The Dark Knight Brainwashing You? (Answer: No)

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