Decorate My Dorm Room: Bold Designs

There are a thousand ways to decorate a dorm room, but I will try to highlight on some of the most popular and/or common themes to provide inspiration. The first theme that I will be discussing is  bold, trendy themes– this is where I would classify my own style for my dorm room. My room, for example, is designed with black and white polka dots with red accents and British-themed decorations. A “bold” design is typically a predominant black and white color scheme with a bright pop of color to contrast the neutrals. Bold rooms also typically have either classic or iconic images set with a modern edge (such as, my large clock is the “I heart New York” phrase written all over it and framed like a picture). Below I have included some ideas and inspiration for more bold designs. Do not feel like you have to design your room just like the pictures in order to fit into this style aesthetic– feel free to put your own spin on these ideas and to make it unique to you.

What do you think of this dorm room style? Do you have any suggestions and/or tips for dorm room designs?



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