Ralph Lauren’s 2012 Olympic Outfits

For the past three Olympic games, Ralph Lauren has designed the opening ceremony costumes. Ralph Lauren has been considered a proud American fashion house– and yet the outfits for the 2012 Olympians were all made in China. Earlier on World News with Diane Sawyer, the reporters closely examined the outfits for the opening ceremony and noticed that the inside labels said three large words: MADE IN CHINA. Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t it make more sense for an “American” designer to have the clothes for the American Olympic Team manufactured in America?

Continuing, many people have been complaining about the general design– and I am not incredibly impressed with the design, as well. I find the outfits to be outdated and simply silly. Also, the size of the Ralph Lauren icon on the blazers is obnoxious in both the size (it is enormous) and the fact it is on there at all– we are watching to celebrate the Olympians, not Ralph Lauren. And, finally, the berets. Now, I am a huge fan of berets (I wear several in the Fall and Winter), but these look just plain silly. The outfits seem to be better for the Winter than the Summer– the blazers are completely composed of wool and berets are typically worn in the Winter.

What do you think of the US Olympian opening ceremony outfits? And what do you think about them not being made in America?



2 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren’s 2012 Olympic Outfits

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. I am 1,000% in agreement with you, Coco. I think it is ASININE that these Ralph Lauren threads are made in China. While I get that most clothes are made overseas, for the US Olympic team? Really??! That is BEYOND hypocritical. Also I did the math on the outfits…almost $2,000 for the boys and $1,500 for the ladies (a rare case where men’s clothes cost more). REALLY!? There are garment manufacturers in our country screaming for work.

    And I didn’t notice until you pointed it out yes that logo is ridiculously huge. And yes those outfits are hideously outdated and cliché. I’m sure hundreds of other great designers could’ve done something traditional but with a fresh twist. On the girl…does she REALLY need those socks? Really? And that tie on her looks dumb. And I’ve been to London in the summer. It’s cooler than the Midwest, but it gets hot. Wool blazers…REALLY!?

    • Thank you, Annie, for commenting and reading my blog. The outfits are like you said– cliched. The designs are not original and I fear will look ridiculous when the Olympians walk out in the Opening Ceremony. I feel that there should have been more thought and consideration from the designer and manufacturer to make these outfits represent America. Thanks again for commenting.

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