Modish Men: Andrew Garfield

Ever since his recent film, The Amazing Spiderman, premiered earlier this month, Andrew Garfield has gone from unknown British actor to international leading man (the film making $340 million in one week doesn’t hurt one’s career either). Not only is Garfield a fantastic actor who throws himself into every role, but he also has a fantastic sense of style. When he is out casually, he is usually seen wearing plaid button-up shirts, skinny jeans, well-tailored trousers, hoodies, and collegiate-like sweaters. To word it simply, he has a disheveled preppy style. Continuing, for red carpet events or premieres (all of the photos are from premieres for his new film) he typically wears either bold suits with neutral shirts, or traditionally neutral suits with patterned shirts. Personally, I really like Garfield’s style and wish more guys would dress similarly. No guy looks nice by wearing too big jeans and novelty t-shirts– it is fine to look disheveled, but not messy. Guys should dress in well-tailored clothes that highlight on both their best features and their personality.

What do you think of Garfield’s style and his recent role as Spiderman? Do you agree or disagree with my opinion that guys generally look better when they are put together nicely? And, if you are a guy, what do you think of my opinion and Garfield’s style?



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