Fashionable Females: Lydia on Teen Wolf

Lydia is one of the most intelligent female antiheroes on modern television. She knows classic Latin, classic novels, and advanced science, but she is sarcastic, condescending, and vindictive. Lydia was attacked by the Alpha in the previous season, but she did not die or become a werewolf– thus, what that attack did to her is still a mystery. Lydia is a true fashionista– similar to Hanna on Pretty Little Liars (who was discussed in a previous post)– and follows many of the popular trends. She tends to wear a lot of floral dresses, leather jackets, blazers, plaid skirts, and skinny jeans. If you want to emulate Lydia’s style, then wear classic pieces with bold, contemporary styles. Stores that sell Lydia’s style are United Colors of Benetton, Talbot’s, Ann Taylor, J Crew, and Kate Spade.

What do you think of Lydia and her style? And what do you think of the mystery surrounding her?



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