Chic Geek: Dark Knight Jewelry

With the Summer surplus of superhero movies (The Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, etc.) no company has risen in relevance faster than Noir Jewelry. This company has been designing creative, avant-garde pieces for years, and has many collections/themes available (everything from Barbie to Superman to artisan designs). I have liked this company since I saw one of their rings in an Elle Magazine editorial– the ring was dramatic, unique and incredible to look at. One of my favorite collections from Noir Jewelry is their DC Comics collection– specifically the Batman and Catwoman themed jewelry. My favorite piece of jewelry from this collection is the Gotham City ring (see photos 4 and 5) because it is so unique and interesting– and it was also featured in the music video for 1st on Trend’s song of the month, “White Nights” by Oh Land. Basically, this collection allows women to express their love for Batman and Catwoman without looking juvenile or silly.

What do you think of the Noir Jewelry Batman products? For more information or to look at their other products, go onto the company’s website:



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