The Untold Story of “The Untold Story”: The Amazing Spiderman

Many people have flocked to the movie theatres to see Sony Pictures’ latest sensation, The Amazing Spiderman (starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Rhys Ifans). While the film has made a huge profit and gained much praise (including from First on Trend), many people are wondering something when they leave the theatre: where was the “untold story”? Through a plethora of television commercials, trailers, and posters (see photos 1 through 3), the public has been promised this new, unheard-of information about Peter Parker and his life as Spiderman– yet, this promise is only upheld through ambiguous hints throughout the film.

Well, through the help of a series of photos assembled by (see photo 4) and rewatching every trailer and commercial for two days, I believe I have figured out where the “untold story” went missing. (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS) It appears that there was a scene that was deleted by Sony relatively late in the development of the film (especially since the lines from that scene are in all of the trailers and commercials) and contained this coveted unheard-of information we were promised. This deleted scene seems to have occurred between the ambiguous death of Dr. Ratha (who was Dr. Conners’ boss at Oscorp and appeared to have died when his face hit the windshield when the Lizard threw his car over the Williamsburg Bridge) and when Peter tracks down the Lizard in the sewers. Well, this deleted scene seems to have been that Ratha survived the Lizard’s attack and follows him to the sewers, where Ratha and Conners argue. At some point, Peter stumbles onto Ratha and Conners arguing, and the three of them begin to fight (it is around this point that Conners says to Peter, “If you want the truth about your parents, Peter, then come and get it.”). Conners, as the Lizard, kills Ratha and escapes, but Ratha is able to say to Peter as he dies, “Do you really think what happened to you, Peter, was an accident? Do you have any idea what you really are?” What seems to have happened to this scene is that Sony decided that they wanted the scene to be removed to have huge cliff-hangers and not to reveal too much about Peter’s genetic make-up and his parents’ involvement in him becoming Spiderman.

Personally, I am annoyed with Sony for removing this scene from the final version of the film. The public was promised an “untold story” since the first trailer, and that element of the plot was removed. Has this deleted scene changed my opinion about the film? No. No, I still love The Amazing Spiderman for its beautiful cinematography, Marc Webb’s directing, and the brilliantly phenomenal acting of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Would I have not gone to see the film if I knew there was no “untold story”? No. No, being a huge Spiderman fan, I still would have gone to see the film and I plan on going to see the film for a second time soon. But, I just felt that Sony should have used a subtitle like “the origins of the untold story” or “the beginning of the untold story” instead of just “the untold story”.

What do you think of this deleted scene? Has it changed your opinion of the film, or are you (like me) even more excited for the sequel now?



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