The Next Generation of Style: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

In an earlier post I discussed Victoria and David Beckham, a couple I consider to be one of the most stylish; but recently I have seen many photographs of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield promoting their new movie, The Amazing Spiderman (which has been discussed in a previous post and I recommend reading if you are debating on seeing the movie), looking very chic and stylish. Since neither actor talks about their personal lives in much detail (something more celebrities should do) it can be difficult to determine how far into a romantic relationship these two are, but, nevertheless, they compliment each other brilliantly. Unlike the Beckhams, Stone and Garfield manage to dress nicely but never look uncomfortable or unlike who the public believes them to be. They never dress like they believe themselves to be incredibly posh or better than their fans, but rather embrace the fact that they are both still in their twenties. Stone tends to dress casually in jeans, blouses, and sweaters; for premieres and red carpet events, she wears feminine shapes, soft pastels, or bold neutrals. She wears bold make-up to accent her eyes, but retains her natural beauty. Garfield casually wears plaid button-up shirts, loose skinny jeans, tennis shoes, and either a hoodie or a button-up collegiate sweater; for premieres or red carpet events, he wears suits in bold colors with a neutral shirt, or a traditionally neutral suit with a patterned shirt. Garfield has a disheveled style to his hair that is very attractive and makes his preppy-like style more casual and modern. The couple is so chic and wonderfully cute together that they made the cover of Teen Vogue Magazine and made a fantastic video together for the magazine (they are on the August issue).

What do you think of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield as a couple? And what do you think of their individual styles (which will be analyzed separately in a later post) and whether they compliment each other nicely?



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