Summer Trend #9: Vintage Floral Prints

This trend has taken over my wardrobe in the past few months– I have been wearing this trend to excess in dresses, pants, tops, blouses, shoes, and skirts. This trend has been popular with such celebrities as Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry. This trend has also been seen on the runways of Valentino, Rodarte, and Louis Vuitton. A vintage floral print is essentially a print that is either dusty looking or reminds you vaguely of an elderly woman’s couch (as odd as that can be). The best way to wear this trend is either in modern cuts or with modern accessories. Such as, those pants I mentioned earlier are in a skinny-cut and I wear it with more modern shirts; when I wear this trend in a shirt or blouse, I wear it with dark skinny jeans and either my Michael Kors sandals of with heels. It is best to wear only one vintage floral print at a time, otherwise you will lose the elegance of the print. Stores that tend to have this trend are Forever 21, Free People, Anthropologie, Francesca’s, Ann Taylor, vintage shops, and little boutiques.

What do you think of this trend? Have you been wearing this already or will you be wearing it soon?



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