Revel Resorts Review: Style

I am a huge fan of interior design and decoration (I plan out the design of my dorm room with excitement) and I was incredibly impressed with the overall style of the Revel Resorts in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Revel is designed with very clean, modern lines and shapes with a color scheme that is either very dramatic or relaxing. Such as, one room is designed completely in red (see photo 1)– the edges of the room are in dark red and the shades of red brighten as they approach the stunningly scarlet red sofa that is designed to look like a huge lamp (which was also featured in the Atlantic City “Do AC” commercial). The Revel has little details that add to the rooms and add character– in one room, there were little glass bulbs that held fresh-cut orchid flowers and another room had enormous Versailles chairs bordered by glass with books printed on it. Essentially, the Revel’s interior design continued to play off of their theme of young, unique, and modern. They are essentially saying that you don’t need an enormous white and gold elephant (Trump’s Taj Mahal) or statues of Roman mythological figures (Ceasar’s Resorts and Casino); instead, all you need is a sleek, modern look with great views of the city. Instead of overwhelming the senses with an elaborate interior design, the Revel allows you to take in the entire space and style before focusing on the individual pieces.

What do you think of the Revel Resorts? Are you impressed with the sleek interior designs or do you prefer the opulent designs of the other resorts?



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