Brilliantly British: The Graham Norton Show

I have been a huge fan of this show for about three years, and is immensely popular in the UK, but is practically unheard-of here in the United States. The Graham Norton Show, hosted by award-winning comedian Graham Norton, is characterized by their humorous monologues, varying guests, celebrity stories, and hilarious segments (my favorite is the Red Chair, which requires people to tell a personal story, and if Norton or his guests don’t like it, a lever is pulled and the chair flings the person back). The Graham Norton show has featured celebrity guests such as Emily Blunt, Bradley Cooper, Will Smith, Daniel Radcliffe, and Carey Mulligan. Continuing, the show has featured such musical guests as Adele, Pixie Lott, the Scissor Sisters, Will.I.Am, and (most recently) fun. This show is incredibly funny and allows people (whether celebrity guests, musicians, or the audience) to have fun and relax when being interviewed.

Do you watch the Graham Norton Show? Do you have a favorite segment and/or guest that has been on the show?



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