Fashionable Films: Spiderman vs The Amazing Spiderman

There have been many people who have been voicing their opinions in regard to whether the 2002 Spiderman film is better or worse than the recently released film, The Amazing Spiderman. I will voice my opinion right now so you may know where I stand on this issue before we begin discussing the Spiderman costumes– I feel that the 2012 film, The Amazing Spiderman, is better than the 2002 film. I still love the original trilogy and what it did for contemporary cinema, but I enjoyed Amazing more, to be honest.

Okay, now that that has been said, we can begin discussing the actual Spiderman costumes from each film. Within the comic book world, Peter Parker designs and creates his own costume, which seems highly unlikely since Peter is a high school student. But despite this slight, illogical detail, both films designed a costume to create their character. In the 2002 film, Peter/Spiderman (played by Tobey Maguire) has a costume that is based on the original, comic book interpretation. While this costume (seen in photos 2 and 3) is very interesting and good, it seems almost comical compared to the costume that Peter/Spiderman (played by Andrew Garfield; see photos 4 and 5) has in The Amazing Spiderman. The more recent interpretation has a sleek, clean look to it and seems to add an air of maturity to the character, which is actually the point of Spiderman in regards to Peter (a clever metaphor for growing up and accepting yourself and your morals completely). Continuing, the more current costume is constructed better and seems to add to Marc Webb’s (the director) overall styling of the film. Thus, I feel that The Amazing Spiderman has a better costume and styling to the character than the 2002 Spiderman.

What do you think of the two costumes? Do you agree with me that Garfield’s costume is better or do think that Maguire’s costume is the best? And, which of these two films do you  think is best?



One thought on “Fashionable Films: Spiderman vs The Amazing Spiderman

  1. Both costumes are inaccurate tbh. I’d have to say I like the Spider-Man costume more, because it reflects the original comics more accurately than the new costume does.

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