Fashionable Females: Jenna on PLL

Well, this is the last discussion on the mysterious and fashionable women of the hit ABC Family show, Pretty Little Liars. We are going to finish this discussion by highlighting on Jenna, the girl that pretended to be completely blind and is somehow involved in Allison’s murder. Personally, I never believed Jenna was entirely blind because of how she dressed, she is a fashionable character and seemed very unlikely to ask for assistance from anyone to help her get dressed. Anyway, Jenna has a dark, edgy style that enlightens on her cunning and vindictive personality– she wears a lot of black, maroon, and dark shades of blue and purple. Jenna tends to wear a lot of long skirts that flow with tight tops, or tight pants/skirt with a voluminous, shear top– she understands proportions and how to flatter her figure. If you want to emulate Jenna’s style, then you need to wear dark clothes that have a hint of sex appeal, whether it be a shear fabric, figure flattering silhouette, or a dramatic print. Stores that tend to sell Jenna’s style are BCBG Max Azaria, Burberry, Forever 21, Dolce and Gabbana, White House Black Market, Love Culture, and Francesca’s.

What do you think of Jenna and her style? And do you think she is Allison’s killer or knows who actually committed the crime?



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