Independent Style: What to Wear for the 4th of July

Perhaps the one day where most Americans become patriotic, the 4th of July is characterized by backyard parties, cook outs, parades, fireworks, and wearing the colors of the American flag. Well, I am going to make some recommendations, or at least inspire, possible outfits for you to wear for your 4th of July celebrations. I am personally a huge fan of my long navy blue and white Michael Kors maxi dress (see photo 2) with black Michael Kors sandals and red accessories (examples are in photo 5). I am in love with that dress because it is easy to clean, travel with, and can be used with many different accessories and for many different occasions. I included other versions of the Michael Kors dress– there is the one I have worn, one that has a shorter hemline with longer sleeves (see photo 3), a red and navy striped dress from Michael Kors (see photo 4), and a striped dress that has red, white, and blue from Marc by Marc Jacobs (see photo 1).

So what do you think of these dresses? Are they good for the 4th of July? Do you own one (or more) of these dresses or will use this as inspiration?



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