Decorate My Dorm Room: Preppy Designs

The preppy movement, while not what it used to be, has evolved into modern society and has regained some of its momentum. Even if you don’t live in a mansion, carry a small dog in your purse, or have a butler named Alfred, you can give that expensive, luxurious feeling through a preppy style. Preppy style for boys can be expressed easily through a plaid or argyle bedspread and simple, subtle accent textures. For girls, it is expressed through a solid bedspread in a classically preppy color– as in, a rose pink, navy blue, or bright green– with patterned sheets (the pattern should be subtle and considered “quiet”) and accent pillows that express some type of luxurious design. The most important thing to remember is that when you have a preppy style, you need to add a sense of modern humor in order to prevent the space from looking stuffy or pretentious. So, add that humor through pillows, wall art, and other accessories in your room.

What do you think of the preppy style? Do you have this style and have any recommendations or tips, or are you going to attempt this style? And are there any other styles you want Trend to discuss?



Fall Trend #5: Pale Skin

In a society where women are told that the more tan they are, the better they appear, it can be difficult to be naturally fair skinned (like me). Well, now the fashion world has embraced fair skinned women and made their alabaster complexions the must-have make-up for the upcoming season– and this is thanks to two of the most popular actresses that are fair skinned, Emma Stone (see photo 1) and Rooney Mara (see photo 2). As someone who has the ever-so warm complexion of white paper, I was thrilled that the fashion industry was embracing women’s natural skin tone. Not only does this make it easier and alleviate the peer pressure amongst women to be tan, but this may also be the beginning of decreasing skin cancer. With pale skin becoming mainstream, it will discourage many women from going to the tanning salon or using a tanning bed, which can then show young women and girls that there is nothing wrong with their natural complexion and that they should embrace it.

What do you think of this new image of fair skinned women in fashion? And do you think this is a positive change, or do you prefer the tanned look?


Runway Review: Christian Louboutin Fall/Winter 2012/2013

The God of shoes has finally revealed his newest collection of footwear, and they are amazing. With a wide variety of styles– from sleek modernism to sweet romanticism– this collection will appeal to a wide variety of women. The collection has a lot of fringe, metallic gold, and couture-like detailing, which makes these shoes more unique beyond the company’s iconic red sole. My favorites from the collection are the ankle booties with the rose detailing (in photo 2); I love the detailing and the smooth flow of the shoe’s structure. While I am not a huge fan of all the shoes in the collection (such as the ones in photo 1), I do like the overall design and theme to the collection.

What do you think of the new collection from Christian Louboutin? What is your favorite pair/pairs from the collection?


Chic Geek: Superhero Plushy Pillows

For this post, Trend is combining “Decorate My Dorm Room” and “Chic Geek” in order to properly explain these items. As a grown adult, it can be difficult to express your affection for a superhero/comic book character without making your space look juvenile or silly. Rather than posters, stacks of comic books, and/or “action figures” (everyone knows that they are dolls), why not show your passion through one plushy pillow? Since the plethora of superhero movies premiering as of late, there has been a huge surplus in the products themed around these characters– but, to me, these are the best. These plushy heroes are not large, but their adorable appearance makes people take notice. The pillows come in the shapes of Captain America (see photo 1), Batman (see photo 2), and Spiderman (see photo 3; I own one of these) and are sold at Hot Topic and Target (solely Spidey at Target, though). These pillows are both adorable and effectively express your passion without stripping away your maturity and/or respect.

What do you think of these pillows? Do you have a favorite and/or do you think they should make more versions (please comment on which superheroes and/or villians they should make next)?


Runway Review: J Crew Fall/Winter 2012/2013

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to J Crew and all of their products. I wore one of their organza dresses for my High School graduation, I wear their blazers and sweaters in the Fall, I have a skinny belt in every color from them, and I have a tendency to wear their blouses with my brother’s skinny ties (I am channelling my inner Annie Hall). J Crew is known for its preppy style and simple sophistication, which has become more developed through the collections. For the upcoming season, J Crew premiered long pencil skirts, bright trousers, colorful trench coats, and printed sweaters– they also fused their menswear and womenswear to create an androgynous, but practical look. While the stereotypical prep movement is no longer as strong as it was a few decades ago, J Crew has modified its style to still have that prep look, but merged with a modern edge and artistic hipster flair. I really love the new collection and have already purchased a polka-dot sweater, polka-dot blouse, and a black skinny tie from my closest store. The new collection has that classic, Audrey Hepburn sophistication with the humor of the modern woman.

What do you think of the new collection by J Crew? And what do you think of the “modern prep”?


Modish Men: Peter Parker of The Amazing Spiderman

In the most recent adaptation of Peter Parker/Spiderman, the classically nerdy character got a major upgrade. Instead of being the classic, stereotypical nerd, the current Peter Parker is more of an outcast and shy, but smart teenager (I connected a lot more with this Peter than the previous interpretations). Peter wears a lot of dark skinny jeans, dark t-shirts in vintage prints (I cheered over the Ramones shirt in photo 4), hoodies, and a basic jacket. Peter doesn’t have a sense of vanity about himself, and thus looks casual and somewhat dishevelled. While I typically prefer men in suits and modern/edgy prep (like Andrew Garfield’s style), I did like Peter’s style. While he had larger shirts and a large jacket, he emphasised his lanky frame through the skinny jeans. I also enjoyed the artistically vintage style he had, such as in his shirts and glasses. If you want to emulate Peter’s style, then be comfortable with the notion of wearing skinny jeans and dark colors. Peter emphasised his lanky frame through tight pants and follow that aesthetic if you have the same body type– if you are rounder in your bottom half, then avoid skinny jeans and instead go for a straight cut to elongate you. Simply emphasise the leanest part of your body and dress in a vintage, slightly “hipster” style. Stores that have Peter’s style include Journeys, Vans, Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, and American Eagle.

What do you think of Peter Parker’s style? And what do you think of this interpretation of Peter/Spiderman in The Amazing Spiderman?


Project Runway Review: Season 10, Episode 2

Well, thus far, no one has had the mental breakdown nor left the show in the middle of the night (Heidi Klum promised that it would happen). But, anyway, this episode had some unique looks and an interesting challenge. The challenge for this episode was the quintessential “unconventional challenge”, which requires the designers to make clothes out of materials that are not fabric– this time, the materials were candy. The bottom three designers were Buffi, Lantie, and Elena. Buffi had too many colors and the styling was poorly done; Elena’s literally fell apart as it walked down the runway and was extremely boxy; and Lantie’s dress didn’t follow the rules of the challenge because she made her dress out of an umbrella with candy on the bottom of the dress (in the shape of girly, juvenile flowers as well). In the end Lantie (see photo 3) and her dress (see photo 4) were let go– while I really hated Lantie’s look, I felt that Andrea’s dress (see photo 5) was too expected and the back was horrifying (the front looked like an apron, and the back looked like a mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb), and if she was not eliminated, should have atleast been in the bottom three. The top three designers were Ven, Sonjia, and Gunnar. Ven created a cocktail dress that was a swirl of pastel candies; Sonjia had a turquoise dress made of a huge variety of candies and a beautiful necklace made of gummy sharks; and Gunnar created a lovely dress out of woven licorice and a peplum made from crushed chocolates. Ven (see photo 1) won the challenge (his dress is in photo 2)– while I truly liked all of the looks that were in the top three, I felt Christopher had the best dress (see photo 6) and was styled the best.

What do you think of the clothes and challenge from this episode? Do you have a favorite look and/or hated a look?