Summer Trend #8: The Peplum

Who would have ever thought a top or dress designed to create volume would become a huge trend? Well, this Summer (and this Fall as well), this has happened, and this voluminousness trend is known as the peplum. This trend was popular in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as based on the Dior New Look (which was discussed in a previous post). Peplums, to put it simply, are a structured waist embellishment– it is a pleat, wave, ruffle, or structure that flairs from the waist. Now, this trend will not work for everybody. So, if you have a more curvacious body, I would not recommend this trend for you. This trend works best for women who lack a hourglass hip, but this trend can be worn based on the structure of the peplum. The more hips or curves you have, the smaller the peplum; the less hips and curves you have, the larger and more structured the peplum. Furthermore, it is how you wear the peplum that determines how it looks on you. The peplum looks better when worn with a straight-cut trouser, A-line skirt, a pencil skirt, or skinny jeans– all of these contrast to the volume of the peplum and will make you look both taller and thinner.

Below I have included various types of peplums and how they can be worn. If you want to purchase a peplum trend you can go to most designers, but you can also find them at H & M, Forever 21, and most department stores.

What do you think of this trend? Are you interested in trying it? Let me know and don’t be afraid to try out a bold trend like this one.



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