The Most Fashionable Couple: The Beckhams

Whether you love them or hate them, Victoria and David Beckham may just be the most fashionable couple out there in contemporary culture. With her sleek, structured style and his sweet style, the Beckhams seem to balance each other out and remain level-headed around each other. True, she never smiles and he plays the rough sport of football/soccer, yet they seem very kind with their children and each other. Within the past two years, Victoria has put out her own fashion line of geometric, structured dresses (see photo 3) and must have bags (see photo 4). Even when they were at the Royal Wedding, and she was pregnant, they were one of the best dressed couples there (see photo 2) besides the newlyweds themselves. But even when they are out in public (see photo 1) they are very well put together and compliment each other brilliantly. This couple is so stylish that they recently made the top spot on the BBC America show The Brit List: 20 Sexiest along with many singers, actors, and even members of the Royal Family.

What do you think of the Beckhams? Do you agree that they are the most fashionable couple or do you think there is a couple that is even more stylish?



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