Couture or Costume: The Black Wedding Dress

In an earlier post I commented on the popular trend of red wedding dresses– in this post I will be discussing the infamous black wedding dress. As some of you may know, the white wedding dress did not become popular until Queen Victoria married in 1840. Victoria wore the white gown because she was the new queen of England (the last girl to inherit the throne was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Queen Elizabeth) and also to appeal to her subjects with the struggling British economy (with a lack of dye in the fabric, it made the dress cheaper). But what many people do not know is that another Royal wore white to her wedding before Victoria– Mary Queen of Scots, who was later publicly executed by her cousin Queen Elizabeth (yes the one mentioned earlier), wore white to her wedding because white was considered the color of mourning and she felt her arranged marriage to be the death of her independence. No matter how the white dress became popular, many modern brides are looking at colored wedding dresses. While I like the red wedding dresses and find the pastel dresses to be interesting, I don’t think I will wear anything but a white dress on my wedding day– so, the black wedding dresses are definitely not for me. Black wedding dresses seem to be in couture shapes and fabrics, such as the enormous tulle ball gown in photo 1. Continuing, these wedding dresses are probably gaining popularity because the go-to wedding dress designer, Vera Wang, showed many black wedding dresses (see photo 2).

What do you think of these wedding dresses? Would you want to wear a black wedding dress or are you like me and think you will stick to the traditional white?



12 thoughts on “Couture or Costume: The Black Wedding Dress

    • Thank you for commenting and for visiting my blog.
      The designer of the dress in photo 1 is Dior. I believe it id from when the company was transitioning from John Galliano to Raf Simmons, so I am not 100% sure of who the designer is. I just know that it is from Dior and similar to a red ball-gown that was in the spring 2013 collection.
      Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

    • Hello Clarissa,

      Thank you for your question and for visiting my blog. Sadly, I do not know the exact cost of the dress. But since a couture Dior watch costs $35,000 I would guestimate anywhere between that and $150,000. It is a beautiful dress and I do love it, but I know that it has such a hefty price tag with it that I won’t even think about it. If I find out the cost I will make sure to put it on the website, or if you manage to find it please let me know so I may add it.

      Thank you and please feel free to comment again.

      • Thank you so much for your fast response! Wow that is a hefty price, and I only wish I could afford it! Thank you for all the info!

    • Hello Felicity,

      Thanks for commenting and for the question. I am not entirely sure since the dress and materials are no longer listed on Dior’s website. However, based on the shape and texture in the photo I would assume it is organza and tulle. It may have silk or chiffon in it, but I am not certain. I hope this helps and congratulations on the wedding!


  1. Although I adore the massive skirt and train on the first one, it does seem odd, the concave front. Were there any other pictures of this dress that may show it from a different angle?

  2. β€’ dress 1
    Galliano designed a dress for Dior
    β€’ The stomacher, open over skirt and petticoat were expressly 18th century, but the huge wire cage that supports the skirt over 9 feet wide are constructed more like the hoop from the second empire than the discrete by comparisapantas of the ancient regime
    β€’ While 18th century could sidle through a door way
    β€’ Gallianos dress would hardly be able to get through without completely misshaping the dress.
    doing this for art exam so heres some info i have
    galliano does haute courtier although is inspirations are theatrical and has latin origin and some of his spanish heritage shows in his designs too.
    haute couture
    β€’ Requires 3 fittings
    β€’ Takes about 100 to 400 hours to make one dress
    β€’ Cost can be 26000 to 100000 dollars for a dress

    galliano no longer works for dior because of the remark he made and dior didn’t want a bad reputation

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