Revel Resorts Review: Spa & Pools

I decided to continue this series of reviews on the Revel Resorts in Atlantic City, New Jersey, by highlighting on the spa and various pools available. The Revel houses what they have named the “In Out Pool”– basically it is a massively circular pool that has one half covered by the building and the other half exposed to the outside via a huge balcony. The two halves of the pool are separated by large windows (see photo 1) that give great views of the Revel’s immense tower (which was discussed in the review on the rooms) and the ocean. While many people swam on the side that was exposed to the outside, I predominantly stayed on the inside end. Because of the breeze that seems to be a permanent fixture on the balcony, I found it to be bitterly cold whenever I would have any skin exposed to the outside air. Plus, the inside end of the pool had more available seating and a play area (it had billiards, air hockey, and a cafe) adjacent to it. An interesting addition to the inside end of the pool was that there is a large shower-like head in the ceiling that releases cold rain for about ten minutes every hour (it is incredibly fun to swim under the water when that happens). The biggest negatives I had with the pool were that in order to get to it you had to either walk through the spa, the sky garden, or one of the restaurants, and no matter how you entered, you needed a room key. It is annoying to have to worry about pulling out the room key just to access the pool, though I understand why they do it. Another negative is the fact that you could not take the towel back to the room, you had to leave it on your chair or hand it back to them before you left– and this caused confusion because you could not be sure whether a person’s towel was on the chair because it was occupied or because they had left and the staff had not picked it up yet.

Now, there is more than one pool at the Revel, but the other ones are accessed solely through private, luxury suites (which can run up to $45,000 per night, as discussed in the previous post on rooms). Photo 3 shows an example of the private pools that are available– these rooms, even when unoccupied, cannot be accessed by anyone who is not staying in one of the suites.

Continuing, the spa can be accessed by all hotel guests, but you have to pay for any services you have done. The spa has various types of massages, therapy, and pampering available as well as access to the cabanas, the pool, and the surfset. While I did not go to the spa (it isn’t my type of activity) I heard many other people positively rave about their experiences there and others went back for multiple visits and treatments.  Photo 4 is of the spa, where the sauna was with a type of pool.

What do you think of the Revel Resorts thus far? Do you plan on visiting, want to visit, or have already visited the Revel Resorts?



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