Artfully Unique or Completely Shameful: Francesca Eastwood vs The Birkin Bag

This topic has been wildly discussed since the photos were put on Twitter and Facebook, as well as featured on the new E! show Mrs. Eastwood and Company– Francesca Eastwood and her boyfriend destroying a $100,000 crocodile red Hermes Birkin bag. The Birkin bag has been a staple of most starlets’ wardrobes for decades and the “basic” leather bag costs a minimum of $8,000– these bags have been carried by every wealthy and famous woman from Grace Kelly (who had an Hermes bag named after her) to Victoria Beckham. Naturally, like many fashionable women (or atleast fashion obsessed), I have been craving for a Birkin bag for years, but with the high price (especially for a college student) and minimum of a two year waiting list, I have not purchased/received one. Thus, when I saw the various photos (see below) of the young Francesca Eastwood burning, eating, chainsawing, and destroying that expensive handbag, I was infuriated. She claims that it was for an artistic statement about not putting value into materialistic objects (yet she argues the art has nothing to do with anti-materialism?) and defended it while on the E! show Fashion Police. She claims that since it was her money, she could do what she wanted with it and people should not judge her for it. While I understand her point– it is her money afterall, or atleast her parents’ money– I still am mad that she wasted that kind of money on some photos. If she wanted to spend that kind of money, why not donate it to charities or for positive things? I would gladly take that $100,000 and pay off my college education if she wanted to get rid of that much money that badly.  Furthermore, if you want to make a statement about anti-materialism (because that is what it is, Francesca), why did she have to specifically use a $100,000 Birkin bag? Why not use a Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Tom Ford bag instead? Sure, it is not hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it is atleast a thousand. Why specifically a bag that expensive?

What do you think of this issue? Do you agree with Francesca Eastwood that this is just art and should be appreciated or do you agree with my opinion? All opinions are welcome, so feel free to agree or disagree with me on this issue– it will make for an interesting conversation.



4 thoughts on “Artfully Unique or Completely Shameful: Francesca Eastwood vs The Birkin Bag

    • Thank you for commenting, I appreciate any and all opinions in everything I write. You are right, especially with the struggling economy (both here in the United States and abroad) and so many people being effected by it, it feels almost insultive to see people spend their money and throw it away in this manner.

  1. She comes across as a spoiled brat and her BF is so beyond strange and gross. What kind of man his age dates a spoiled 18 year old little girl? They are both bizarre. Clint Eastwood must be so embarrassed.

    • Thank you for commenting on this issue. I agree that the way in which she portrays herself on television and in the media comes across as her being very pretentious and conceited. My major issue with this whole topic is the fact that she is trying to be cool by making a statement through the photos. She does not even know what the photos are trying to convey and specifically why they chose such an expensive bag. If they wanted to comment on anti-materialism (a topic that has been used to death quite frankly) then they should have done it in another manner. Also, who are they to comment on anti-materialism when they live off of her father’s money and own extremely expensive items?

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