Fashionable Films: Anna Karenina

This novel, with it’s simple plot, complex history, and intriguing title character, is being made into yet another film. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (the same man who wrote the longest novel in classic literature, War and Peacetells the story of a young woman in a less than perfect marriage to a successful government official, and as the political tension of 1800s Russia escalates, their marriage collapses. Anna begins an affair with a young cavalry officer and does little to stop the rumors that ensue, meanwhile her husband forces her to remain with him by denying her access to their young son, whom Anna loves more than anyone else in the novel. I will not spoil the dramatic conclusion to the novel, but it is incredibly similar to the plots and conclusions of The Awakening (by Kate Chopin) and Madame Bovary (by Gustave Flaubert).

The new film version, which will premiere in theatres this Christmas, stars Kiera Knightly and Jude Law. This film version, solely based on the recently released trailer, has a romantic, whimsical tone and plays highly on the dramatic color scheme of red, black, and white (especially in the costumes). As I was watching the trailer, some of the costumes reminded me of the recent runways of Merchesa (photo 4) and Oscar de la Renta (photo 5)– with the wide, full skirts, velvet fabrics, structured tops, and bold colors (especially scarlet red). The two collections were more modern interpretations of Victorian dresses and the costumes of the movie (photos 1 through 3). Continuing, I noticed that some of Anna’s diamond necklaces (photo 3) are reminiscent of vintage Dior diamond, floral necklaces (photo 6) that have become popular again.

What do you think of the film thus far and the costumes? Are you looking forward to it coming out and/or planning on going to see it? Do you think it will be an Oscar contender like so many are predicting?



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