Revel Resorts Review: Rooms

I decided to start this series of reviews on the Revel Resorts in Atlantic City, New Jersey, by discussing the rooms. All of the hotel rooms are located in a 480 foot tall tower (a total of 48 floors) and are guarded by security– this is a benefit in that no one besides a hotel guest can gain access to the rooms, but it can be annoying when you have to dig out your hotel key every time security switches shifts and you want to get to your room. The rooms range in prices of $179 per night (a basic room) to $45,000 per night (a delux suite with a private pool and multiple levels/spaces). Each room is styled in a sleek, modern fashion with a predominant color scheme of black, white, gray, and a splash of color based on the room level (my room had a bright red accent to it). Continuing, each room has the amenities of a plasma television, a large wooden desk, a plush chair/sofa, two telephones (one functions as a tablet as well), and access to all of the activities of the resort.

I stayed in an ocean-side room (you can request for this or for a city skyline view when you make your reservation) on the 48th floor and had a huge bathroom (photo 1), a walk-in closet, and two queen-sized beds along with the previously mentioned amenities.The room service and housekeeping were incredibly accessible and excellent (to get housekeeping, you pushed a touch pad inside the room that lighted up the doorbell in green; the same touch pad would turn red for “do not disturb”). Overall, I was incredibly impressed with the rooms at the Revel Resorts. Below I have included photos of various aspects of the rooms and the various types of rooms available. What do you think of the Revel Resorts as well and the rooms? Have you stayed, plan on visiting, or want to visit the Revel Resorts?



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