Fashionable Females: Mona on PLL

Mona, perhaps the only character to have a complete and utter personality change in only one season, dresses similarly to Allison (who was discussed in a previous post) in that there is a purpose behind it. Mona was originally an unpopular, but incredibly intelligent girl who wanted to be accepted by Allison. After Allison vanished (and somehow Mona is involved, since she was revealed as a member of the “A team” last season) Mona developed a style that is both trendy and sweet. Mona wears a lot of prints, bold colors, and sweet details (pearls, ruffles, etc.) to convey an attitude of superiority and belonging (especially with Hanna). If you wish to emulate Mona’s style, then wear a lot of bold colors with dark neutrals and trendy accessories. Stores that have Mona’s style are H & M, Forever 21, BCBG Max Azaria, White House Black Market, and Chanel. What do you think of Mona’s style and of Mona’s role in the mystery of the “A team”?



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