Feuding Fashionable Films: Gatsby vs Anna Karenina vs Les Miserables

Well, this past week, the two remaining big films for the Christmas season have finally released their trailers. And both movies are based on timeless classic novels– Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy and Les Miserables by Victor Hugo– along with the film version of the “great American novel” The Great Gatsby (which was discussed in a previous post). I am very excited to see all of these movies because I am a huge fan of all three novels (I am an enthusiast for classic literature) and the trailers look absolutely brilliant. Gatsby (see photo 1) takes place in 1920s America (New York City specifically) and has the sleek, jazziness that is easily identified with the era, but is contrasted with the gaudiness of the colors and sparkle that seem to be a warning before the darker events of the novel and the events of the 1930s. Karenina (see photo 2), on the other hand, takes place in 1800s Russia and takes a more romantic, whimsical style that makes the story of wealth, youthful love, adultery, and death seem more sweet and like a classic love story. Continuing, Miserables (see photo 3) takes place in the chaotic years of France immediately after the notorious Revolution, specifically during the revolts held by college students in the 1800s. Unlike Gatsby or Anna Karenina, Les Miserables has a gritty, noir style that embodies the fear of the main (6) characters and their increasingly sad stories– also, the grittiness of the Paris street scenes contrast to the more bold, wealthy scenes and the young love story that transcends the horrors of the other characters (but it is not the main focus). What do you think of these films and their trailers? Are you like me and want to see all three films, or is there one in particular you want to see more than the others?



2 thoughts on “Feuding Fashionable Films: Gatsby vs Anna Karenina vs Les Miserables

  1. I’m definitely most looking forward to the Great Gatsby. It’s not my favorite of Fitzgerald’s novels, that nod goes to the Beautiful and the Damned, but the cast looks fantastic. I’m really hoping DiCaprio finally gets his Oscar with this one, and it looks like he’ll have a shot. Strangely too, I think the film will generate mass appeal. So many people read the book in school, that I can’t help but think there will be a lot of people curious to see a Hollywood interpretation.

    • Thank you for commenting. I do agree with you that the Great Gatsby will probably have a wider audience appeal due to the fact many people have read the book at some point in their lives. Anna Karenina is a large book and is rarely read (although in some college classes) though most people know the story, or atleast the dramatic ending; and Les Miserables has been read by even fewer people (the book is over a thousand pages in small print) but many people have seen and/or heard of the musical, which the movie is based on. But I completely agree with your statements that Gatsby will probably gain a larger audience and that The Beautiful and The Damned is one of Fitzgerald’s best novels (I just finished reading it). Despite that though, I think I might run to go see Les Miserables first and then Gatsby because of my long love for the French novel. Thanks for commenting.

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