I am sure that many of you have noticed that I have not updated 1st on Trend for almost a week, and that was because I went on vacation to Atlantic City, New Jersey. I stayed at the brand new casino/resort, known as the Revel. This resort is marketing itself as a place for people who either can’t gamble yet (which is me) and for those who don’t want to gamble (which is my mother, who went on the trip with me). I will be reviewing different aspects of the resorts (rooms, food, style, casino, entertainment, etc.) over the next week. I did not write any of the reviews while at the resort because I wanted to take everything in about the Revel and give the resort every opportunity before judging it. Above, in this post I have included the commercial for the Revel, and while it is unique (and somewhat unclear in the message as to what the product is) I absolutely love this commercial and all the advertisements from the Revel. So, have you visited, plan on visiting, or want to visit the Revel Resorts? What do you think of the commercial?


Revel Resorts Review: Introduction

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