Fashionable Females: Allison on PLL

The one female character that started all the drama and mystery of the show through her (presumed) death is also the one who dresses to convey a specific message. Allison, the evil master mind of the show, had an incredibly sweet, feminine style, which juxtaposed with her manipulative personality. Allison wore a lot of feminine prints, dainty fabrics, ruffle and lace details, and pastel colors. Allison dressed this way on purpose (unlike many of the other characters on the show) in order to convey a sense of innocence and gain the trust of others in order to learn their secrets and use them for her own gain. If you want to emulate Allison’s style, then wear pastel colors, girly patterns (florals, bows, and/or butterflies), and feminine fabrics (lace, chiffon, and/or eyelet). Stores that have Allison’s style are Denim Habit, Betsy Johnson, Valentino, Dehlia’s, and H&M.

What do you think of Allison’s style? Do you like it and agree with my assumptions for her reasons behind her style?



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