Summer Trend #6: Printed Pants

This trend actually appeared on the runways of London Fashion Week two years ago. Mary Katrantzou, a Greek designer, showed a collection of structured outfits and skinny trousers that were covered in prints based on flowers and French architecture. Although this trend began two years ago, prints did not take off with velocity until this Summer. One of the main, and best, print trends for this Summer is printed pants. Whether in a structured, flared, or skinny cut, printed pants are both interesting and fun. I recently purchased a pair of skinny-cut pants in a peony, watercolor print from Ann Taylor, and I have worn it in many styles. I have worn it with a black camisole and black blazer for evening; I have also worn it with a loose purple top and wedges for day; and with many colors, from bright lime green to neutral black, with these pants.

What makes printed pants so great is that the cut can make your frame look thinner, while the print makes you seem confident. When wearing these pants, you can either wear a bright top, a neutral top, or even a top with a different print. If you want to wear a bright colored top with these pants, make sure the color is in the print itself so it looks organized; ย if you are cautious about color or believe the print to be very loud, wear a neutral (black, white, brown, gray, cream, or navy blue) to calm down the overall look; now if you want to wear another print with the printed pants, just make sure both prints have a similar color scheme. No matter how you wear them, printed pants are unique and fun for Summer. The most important thing to remember about printed pants is to make sure the cut and print are flattering– you do not want the print to be too dainty for you, nor overpowering; also women with curves should go with flared or wider cuts, while more svelte women should go for a skinny cut or structured shapes.

What do you think of printed pants? Do you agree with my opinion or disagree?



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