Runway Review: Chanel Resort 2013

Yes, Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel, has already decided what you will be wearing next Summer. Chanel recently showcased their resort wear for the Summer of 2013, which was clearly inspired by a young Marie Antoinette (see photo 2) and was accordingly shown in one of the many ornate gardens of Versailles (see photo 1). There were many dresses with structured necklines, pleated skirts in various lengths, and lace draped from belts, skirts, bodices, and sleeves. The collection was predominantly comprised of light blues, soft whites and creams, calm yellows, pastel pinks, and bold black to convey the overall concept of Marie Antoinette’s tragically short life.

Personally, I love French history, especially the reigns of Louis XIV and Louis XVI/Marie Antoinette, so I enjoyed the concept that Lagerfeld developed. Overall, I enjoyed the Chanel resort 2013 runway. I enjoyed the vintage feel and romantic elements of the collection, especially the lace and pastel colors (see photo 3). The styling of the models, with the pastel makeup and hair that seemed to combine Colonial style with Rooney Mara, threw me off at first, but I gradually began to like it, especially when paired with a fabulous hat (see photo 4). While I did like most of the outfits, some of them looked more like costumes than pieces of a collection. Such as, one dress was in a light blue with a square neckline, long pleated skirt, and 3/4 sleeves that had at least one yard of white lace draped from each one (which is an exact description of the blue dress Marie Antoinette wears in photo 2). Do you like the new Chanel runway and/or the concept, or do you find this inspiration to be over-used and the collection to look more like costumes than modern clothes?



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