Fashionable Females: Aria on PLL

Aria is perhaps the most creative character as well as the best liar on the show. Not only has she lied about her father’s adulterous affair with a student, her relationship with her former English teacher, and her best friends’s secrets, but she is also the one to make the “shh” noise in the opening credits of the show. She has a Bohemian, yet modern, sense of style in which she wears a lot of romantic prints, flowy shapes, and vintage accessories, but always maintains a modern wit to the overall look. If you like Aria’s style and/or wish to emulate it, then wear simple structures with bold designs and make sure to balance out the prints and accessories with neutrals. As well, like Aria, do not devoutly follow the latest trends, but, rather, dress to highlight your personality and best features. Stores that have Aria’s style are Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Francesca’s, and Pac Sun. Below I have included some photos of Aria to serve as both a point of reference and inspiration. So, what do you think Aria’s style? Do you like it, love it, or loathe it? All opinions are welcome!



2 thoughts on “Fashionable Females: Aria on PLL

    • Thank you for commenting. I also love her style, it is extremely unique and few other actresses could pull off the look as well as Lucy Hale. Plus, the style adds so much to the development of this character.

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