The 3 Worst Dressed Cities in America

Well, in a nation riddled with weight issues, sweat pants (that do not ever step into a gym), and poorly fitting clothes, apparently three cities top the list of Worst Dressed Cities in America. Those three cities are:

  1. Anchorage, Alaska
  2. Salt Lake City, Utah
  3. Baltimore, Maryland

I can kinda understand Anchorage, especially since the “warm” days are barely above sixty degrees. Still, unless one is in the frozen tundra, people can still dress nicely (especially under the heavy coats and parkas that seem to be a requirement). Now, for the city of Baltimore, there is no excuse. The weather there is very mild and the city itself is only a few hours from New York City, as well, the city has a budding art and fashion district. While Anchorage and Salt Lake City have the excuses of weather, Baltimore has the mere excuse of laziness. It does not cost much to look nice– rather than purchasing a pair of sweatpants from Victoria’s Secret, go and purchase a nice dress, pair of REAL pants, or atleast clothes that fit. It frustrates me when people do not dress well because it is a poor reflection of that person and who they genuinely are.

Do you agree from this list or do you completely disagree? Are you from one of these cities, or have been to one of these cities, and want to express your opinion?



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