Defying Gravity: Heel-Less Pumps

Would you be willing to try a pair of shoes that are anywhere from three to ten inches high, but do not have a heel on the back of the shoes? These shoes appeared on the Spring/Summer runway of Alexander McQueen (the same fashion house that made the Armadillo Shoes in 2010) and returned for the Fall/Winter runway for this company. While these shoes are visually stunning and interesting, I do not know if I could walk in these shoes for a long period of time (if at all). What do you think of these shoes? Would you wear them or think they are insane?



5 thoughts on “Defying Gravity: Heel-Less Pumps

  1. These shoes are AWESOME! Don’t know if I’d be brave enough to wear them tho (I’d fear falling down steps, etc)…more like put them on a mantle and look at them as art! lol! jk!

    • Exactly. People should be willing to develop new ideas and embrace those who do develop those unique items. The fashion house of Alexander McQueen is extremely famous for the “out of the box” reputation and I love the company for it. Thank you for also recognizing the uniqueness of these shoes and showing them to others.

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