Summer Trend #5: Cameos

Few pieces of jewelry are as recognizable as the cameo– a simple side profile of a woman, animal, object, or religious icon. These were originally popular in the late 1700s (Marie Antionette wore several) to the end of the Victorian era (when the flapper was introduced). Cameos have occasionally made a come-back every now and then, but hardly as much as they have this season. Cameos were featured heavily on the runways of Miu Miu as well as in their advertisements (see photo 1). Cameos have reappeared through bold rings, dainty earrings, unique necklaces, and graphic clothing (see photos 2 & 3). I love the romantic quality of cameos and I have owned a cameo ring and necklace for about five years now (I found them in a little boutique while travelling) and I love to see all of the variations and styles.

So, what do you think? Do you like cameos and their vintage charm or do you think they are outdated and out-of-style?



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