Summer Trend #4: Under the Sea

During both Paris and London fashion weeks, the runways of Chanel and Alexander McQueen were certered around the theme of the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it. Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel (as well as Fendi and his own fashion house), sent down outfits in conservative cuts in pastel colors, pearls draped down the necks and backs of the models, and confortable shapes (see photos 1 through 3)– meanwhile the runway looked like pristine ocean floor as Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine sang from a giant oyster. The outfits completed the notion of the sea with the unique shoes, which were black with a white heel shaped to look like a piece of coral. The outfits, minus the shoes and scenery, did little to evoke the concept of the ocean, but the soft colors and calm flow of the outfits did convey the theme of the Summer and perhaps, in an indirect way, the ocean.

Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen, followed the theme of the ocean as well, but (in my opinion) in a much better style. Burton did not need to convey the notion of the ocean through an elaborate runway designed to look like the ocean, but rather expressed the theme through the outfits. Rather, the runway itself was incredibly simple with only wooden floors and a center light that dripped from the ceiling. The designs of the outfits were elaborate with pastel pinks, lavenders, light blues, cool silvers, and unique structures that evoked the ideas of fish, starfish, pearls, and even mermaids (see photos 4 through 6). To further the concept, the model’s faces and hands were covered in delicate lace and their shoes, which lacked heels to add height, gave the models the appearance of floating down the runway.

Which runway do you think evoked the theme of the ocean better?



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