Fashionable Females: Hanna on PLL

Ah, sweet, fashionable Hanna. I truly enjoy this character, along with Spencer, on the show. Hanna has a caustic sense of humor and a general nonchalant attitude that makes her appealing to the audience along with her fellow characters. The only thing I do not like about Hanna is the fact her secret is that she lost an incredible amount of weight through an unhealthy means because she felt pressured by Allison, another character on the show. Hanna dresses very trendy and like a true fashionista– she is ahead of all the other characters in this regard– but still retains a genuine quality about her, that she dresses this way because she wants to, not because she feels pressured to. For those of you who adore and/or wish to emulate her style, just try to find pieces of clothing that are trendy, but not too much so (so you can get your money’s worth out of them) and show your unique point of view. Stores that carry Hanna’s style are White House Black Market, Michael Kors, Ambercrombie & Fitch, H & M, Forever 21, and most department stores. Also, don’t feel afraid to look in little boutiques, yes the prices can sometimes be higher, but the quality is typically better and the item is truly unique.  I have included some photos of Hanna’s style. What do you think– do you like her style or do you find it pretentious/unappealing?ImageImageImage


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