Fashionable Females: Emily on PLL

While I like almost all of the characters on Pretty Little Liars, I like Emily the least. I appreciate the show for creating a homosexual character that is not stereotyped nor overtly promiscuous, but I do not like Emily much as a character. I feel that she whines too much and gets angry over relatively simple problems, and I absolutely loathe her sense of style. Maybe I don’t like Emily’s fashion because it is the most accessible out of all the female characters, but it might also be because I feel she looks lazy and unprofessional. Emily tends to wear a lot of sweats, denim, graphic t-shirts, and sneakers– this is the type of style I witnessed to the point of exhaustion throughout High School. People could argue that it is because Emily plays sports and exercises more than the other female characters, but so does Spencer (who was mentioned in an earlier post). Basically, I rarely watch the show and feel that Emily looks nice, though I know many people who emulate and like her style. Stores that sell Emily’s style are Aeropostale, Victoria’s Secret, Footlocker, and Delia’s.

Below I have included examples of Emily’s style, and the only outfit I like is the dress in the first photo. Do you like Emily’s style or do you agree with me?



5 thoughts on “Fashionable Females: Emily on PLL

    • Thank you for commenting. I understand that the show takes place in High School, I see that you see where I am coming from. I just feel that the costume designers spent a huge amount of time on all the other girls and forgot about Emily.

      • True, this could be a plan behind the character. The show is so well liked because each girl relates to a different type of audience member. While I do understand your opinion and can see your logic on this, I still feel that over the past three seasons the creators of the show could have allowed her fashion to grow along with her. I agree that her fashion allows the show to connect with more people, but I still feel that she dresses a smidge immaturely and does not always reflect the growth of the character. Thank you for creating this conversation and I hope more people, as well as yourself, feel inclined to provide their own opinions– it makes for unique conversations and diverse opinions.

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