Summer Trend #3: Fans

Last Summer, Louis Vuitton had a runway full of models carrying ornate fans made of intricate lace patterns, thick and colorful paper, and wild feathers, and each coated in the label’s iconic symbol. Recently, Vogue reported that the trend for people at the Paris runways was to fan themselves with the classic fans of centuries ago. I love the romanticism of classic fans (I often carry a black lace one in my purse) and I feel that they instantly make any woman look sophisticated and as though she is the one running the world. Fans seem to add an air of grace and cool attitude to the individual, as though she is so nonchalant about her environment that the fan suddenly becomes a glamorous accessory rather than a means to keep cool. Now, while the photos show the ones from the Louis Vuitton runway (and of course have the runway pricetag), there are plenty of places to purchase fans for a more economical price. Most of the time, you need to go to a historic town and go into little boutiques (I have bought many of them while spending time in Williamsburg and Gettysburg) but you can buy some on websites, such as Etsy and craft/artistic sites. Fans are fantastic because they fold up to fit into most purses and are great, fashionable ways to keep cool during the heat of the Summer



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