Summer Trend #2: Espadrilles

Recently I was shopping in Nordstroms and noticed that the shoe department was full of women purchasing espadrilles. I am guilty of following this trend, so much so that I am rarely seen not wearing my Gaimo espadrilles. This trend, which was originally popular in the 1970s and 1980s (much like eyelet, which was discussed in a previous post) and has resurfaced thanks to Betsy Johnson, Kate Spade, Tods, and Valentino. Espadrilles are Summer shoes that have the entire heel covered in woven fabric and the rest of the shoe is also traditionally made of fabric, but can also be found with leather, lace, and eyelet. Espadrilles are found in either a wedge style (photo 1) or a flat style (photo 2). I have a wedge style and find the shoes to be more comfortable than some of my flats because the wedge allows my weight to be distributed evenly amongst my foot rather than just on the heel, and the leather interior of the shoe contours itself to fit  the unique shape of  my foot. Flat espadrilles are nice in that they are easy to put on and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns (more than some wedge styles). Something that is fantastic about espadrilles is that they fit a majority of feet comfortably. I have naturally wide feet, so finding young and fashionable shoes that fit comfortably can be hard, but when I purchased a pair of espadrilles in a medium, and after wearing them a few times, the fabric and leather of the shoes adjusted to fit my foot comfortably (they are the best shoes I have ever owned). Now, there is a downfall to espadrilles– you CANNOT wear them in the rain or around the pool. When espadrilles get wet, the woven fabric around the heel will unwind and fall off the shoe along with fraying. As well, the interior of the shoe will pocket and become annoying. And, finally, the exterior of the shoe (especially if it is a fabric) will pocket and fray before falling apart (it can actually form holes in it). Overall, espadrilles are fantastic shoes and come in a wide range of styles, so enjoy them and be open to trying as many different styles as you can.



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