Fashionable Females: Pretty Little Liars

Over the next few weeks Trend will be discussing the styles of the hit show Pretty Little LiarsSo prepare for the fierce fashion and even fiercer fashionistas to come onto the scene here. Let me know who is your favorite character on the show, who you think killed Allison, and who is the true “A”. Image


2 thoughts on “Fashionable Females: Pretty Little Liars

  1. I love this show RELIGIOUSLY! I definitely could never picture Mona to be -A, and I KNOW she is pretty much only a team member, but she’s damn good at it! (Cant’ lie, I still really like mona, her personality and style baffles me~)
    My favourite liar is Hanna, but I really love Spencer too, especially with the new season, those two’s personality and character really stepped up!

    After seeing you do a post on Emily & Spencer, you don’t know how excited I got over that! I can’t awit for your next PLL posts! =)

    • Thank you for your sweet comment. I agree with your comments about Mona– she is one of my favorite characters (along with Spencer and Hanna) and somehow her current personality switch seems very strange. I truly love the show and find it incredibly addictive, once you think you have figured it all out, there is a whole new twist to throw everyone off.

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