She’s No Plain Jane

Last Tuesday ABC Family had the mid-season premiere of Jane by Design. The basic premise of the show is that Jane, a creative yet unpopular high school student, is hired by the powerful fashion house Donovan Decker. Her coworkers do not know that Jane has yet to graduate high school and her peers and teachers at school do not know her “internship” is an actual job in the fashion industry. The show depicts the delicate balance in which Jane must maintain both her real world relationships and fashion world relationships, and all in five inch heels (something I completely relate to). I love this show for the quirky humor, the great character development, and the amazing fashion. Jane has great fashion, whether the pink tulle dress she wore with an Alexander McQueen belt, or the simple black and white striped skirt and black cardigan. Out of all the shows on ABC Family that are marketed to teenagers and young adults, I relate the most to this show. I relate to Jane because I have aspirations to work in the fashion industry, desire to one day be a designer, and I understand her misunderstood reputation in high school. I, like Jane, am a fashionista, but people have always mocked me for it. And, like many young women, I have learned to accept myself and be proud in who I am. Essentially, this show has combined what high school is like along with the dreams of many young and aspiring fashionistas.Image


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