Fashionable Films: Gatsby vs Gucci

Do you remember sitting through one of your High School English classes and reading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby? The novel inwhich a young man becomes a millionaire strictly to impress a girl, whom is already married. The novel focuses on the insanity of the 1920s, the nonchalant attitudes of the youth, and the ever-consuming greed that seemed to spread like some sort of disease. Whether you loved the novel or hated it, it left an impression on you– which is rare for a novel that is less than 200 pages. Whether people like the novel for its themes, characters, or for Fitzgerald literally bearing his soul out on the pages, the novel is so well liked that it has been made into yet another film. The new movie has been directed by Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Juliet) and will be released sometime around Christmas. Until then, many designers have created collections based on the “great American novel”, but most notably on the Spring 2012 runways of Gucci. Gucci used the iconic flapper sillhouettes, bold black and gold color schemes, and modern make-up to keep the looks relevant. The movie, on the other hand, has used pastel colors on Daisy (Carey Mulligan; second photo) while Jordan (Elizabeth Debicki; third photo) and supporting characters are in more bold and dark colors. Perhaps this was done to set Daisy apart from the other female characters and to show the viewer how Gatsby sees her. Solely based on the costumes, so far I prefer Gucci’s designs (see the first photo) because of the bold colors and the fact that the clothes do not cross that fine line between glamorous and gaudiness. While the film looks fantastic thus far, the costumes do seem a smidge gaudy with the elaborate set designs and the bright colors of the cinematography. Just look at the accompanying photo(s) and voice your opinion.ImageImageImage


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